Second Wind is a full service production company that focuses primarily on the development, production and post-production of athletic based creative content for advertising, television and documentary films.

As one of the few vetted production companies for sports television in the Midwest, we frequently collaborate with the top networks in the industry to deliver award-winning material. Our talented team of producers, cinematographers and editors are multifaceted storytellers, whose knack for building scenes and developing characters are among the best in the country. Although we are artists at heart, we pride ourselves on being able to speak the language of coaches, athletes and trainers so we can build relationships, foster authenticity, and deliver a genuine product to our clients.

Our crew realizes that the process is as much a part of our legacy as the product. When you collaborate with us you will be getting a team of positive, hard working, individuals who embrace their role, work without egos and are comfortable in chaotic situations. We understand that it is a privilege and not a right to work in this industry and we approach every project, no matter the scale, with the same amount of passion because we truly believe that you’re only as good as your next play.

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