As a former two-sport athlete in both football and track at the University of Kansas, hard work has never been a stranger to me. I dropped a track scholarship to walk on to the football team, and after helping secure a win in the 2008 Orange Bowl earned a full scholarship. The same passion and uncompromising pursuit of excellence has carried into my film career.

Since starting Second Wind in 2012, I have been lucky enough to work as a director, cinematographer and editor for some of the top television networks in the country including: ESPN, Showtime, NFL Network, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Big 10 Network, Golf Channel, Uninterrupted, and the Bleacher Report. In addition to being a part of over fifty television shows, features, and documentaries I have also produced national commercial campaigns for companies like Garmin and USA Football.

As one of the few vetted production companies for sports television, I directly collaborate with some of the top executives in the industry on the best shows in the business. I am a regular contributor to the Emmy award winning shows ESPN’s E:60 and SC Featured and have been a cinematographer on several episodes of Showtime’s award winning boxing series All Access. I have experience producing a wide variety of creative content at the highest level including branded content, features, half hour shows and feature length documentaries. I am comfortable working both as a hired gun in one specific area (directing, producing, cinematography, editing) to help bring networks stories to life or as an independent filmmaker developing and producing my own content.

In 2017, I pitched, produced and directed my first feature length documentary called Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds to Freedom. This 87 minute documentary followed the story of Noy Khoapan, a former Muay Thai champion turned convicted murderer, who is imprisoned in one of the most dangerous and over populated prisons in Thailand. Noy is offered the opportunity to take part in a new government sanctioned program called “Prison Fight” that allows inmates to fight for their freedom. We catch up with Noy leading up to his final match. If he wins, he is set free and allowed to return home to his family, if he loses, he has to remain in prison for the remainder of his sentence. The film debuted nationwide on Showtime and received rave reviews from the New York Post, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Fight Mag, and Sherdog for being a “borderline masterpiece”. Second Wind Creative was the sole production company behind the project and I personally oversaw and was actively involved in every aspect of the film from the development, production, post production and delivery. After successfully making a film set in a foreign country, and surviving 18 days of filming in a Thai prison, I am confident that I am well equipped to take on anything!

I am currently directing two more feature length documentaries that are set to air nationwide early next year.



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